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A Vision for EdTech

I’ve written previously about creating an IT Strategy but in actual fact there is a step prior to this which can make the whole process a whole lot easier. If you want your community to jump on board and start to transform their EdTech practice you need them to understand what it is you’re trying…

Making the most of the Technology we have

At Skipton Girls’ High School we are fortunate in having had a 1:1 laptop programme for about 10 years. Our vision for getting the best from our laptop programme has certainly evolved over the years as technology has advanced but one thing we haven’t had to worry about is access. Many schools still operate with…

Creating an Effective EdTech Strategy

An effective EdTech Strategy is at the heart of ensuring EdTech will be used effectively within a school. However it can be a challenge to adopt a strategy which achieves impact. What factors need to be considered in formulating your plans?

What’s the Big Deal about Cloud Computing?

Following the Covid 19 pandemic most, if not all, schools in the UK were assisted to sign up for cloud based computing services provided by Google or Microsoft.  This service was often provisioned quickly to enable schools to enhance their provision of remote learning.  Other schools were more fortunate and had already signed up for…

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